büro brun: matter and meaning (Text, Konzept, Andrea Lucia Brun). My dear pals I was wondering if there’s a master plan? An idea, a vision, a word, a reply to needs. This is the language matrix. Utopias, are there? Art in which the concept or idea is considered more important than the product itself. Dust concert. Rave unter Palmen. Pride in individuality. Macherinnen. Exploring the cognitive infrastructure of identity through words; they have a substantial role in the whole package, summing up, or rather clarifying the world you want to project (branding). Redux to the max. Please note: absence, presence, stand the quality of time (=archival). Blueprints for a rosy future. Procedural manual of terminology. Contemporary, a constant research. To find the essence. Consumer culture. Identity formation in late capitalism. How to do better. Mut macht schön. Uniqueness lies in what you don’t. The art in crisis issue. But the most human thing we have is language, intertext by Theodor Fontane. Andrea loves UP3000. Manual for texts, conceptualism and freedom. I was wondering if there’s a master plan? Brand consistency. Arte per Tutti. Identity development: What message do you want to flow through every facet of your brand? Language sharpens identity (=value creation). In conversation with... Stille Erhabenheit. Journalistic writings. Post-everything avantgarde. Miscellaneous texts, collaboration texts, contemporary art writing.Dein perfekter Arbeitsplatz. This is what we learned from Barbara Kruger: you can evoke meaning by clashing two things together. lover. Rueckkehr in die Superliga. How do I translate theory into concepts, into language, into words? The message comes from radical clarity. Contribution to the art itself. In sleep we trust. The rest is confetti. Social transformation, trans representation. Problem: the losing-self culture. The reflection on identities. An advanced perspective. Solution: Forget about the future. “Self”. Radicalisation of the self. Any art involves philosophical, social and political attitudes. Specific words (=minimalism), based on texts of the movement, “specific objects” by Donald Judd. Nackte Haut, jeden Tag bitte! Representing, not simplifying. Dreaming: in the void of utopia. Nonsense. Soul to Sole. Pragmatism, identity, and the real world, e.g. clarification ≠ interchangeability. Why it matters. Framework: glossary of terms. In this paper, it exhausts the critical problem in a few pages. Start typing now. Sleeves will set the trend. CONTACT: txt@buero-brun.ch is the business contact of büro-brun. Büro für Unternehmenskommunikation und Identitätsbildung. Zu büro-Öffnungszeiten erreichbar. You can reach us during office hours via 0041763210087

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